Recent Updates and Additions to ADA

This page documents the recent changes made to ADA, including the progress of transcribing our records into digital format.

New Data Available - March 2017

• The minutes of the Abernyte Heritors and Parochial Board meetings are now all transcribed and available along with the image of the original page

Site Changes - December 2016

  • Added new Email/Contact buttons on each record type (Content Items, Persons, etc). When clicked, opens the email form with some fields pre-populated. These fields allow us (the administrators) to identify the record from which the email was sent. Right now the contact email displays the Site Section and the record's unique ID - in future this will be updated to include the Title or Description of the record.

Site Changes - November 2016

  • Addition of "View Password" option (eye icon) on Password box, while signing in. Planning to apply this to all password fields in System.
  • Began populating Location Images table with Heritage Group photographs. 
  • Changed the Valuation Rolls date format for Hearth, Land and Horse Tax, to allow production of a timeline of ownership for a particular location.
  • Implemented the ADA Map Viewer with open source software (OpenSeaDragon & Microsoft Deep Zoom Composer). Allows for large format images (maps, plans, charts - or extremely large photographs) to be viewed in-browser.

Site Changes - September 2016

  • Back-End Change - Site moved to PHP7. Many small updates made to enable this.

  • New Site Version released (23/9/2016 - Version 5).

  • Tables for Parochial Board files implemented. 

Site Changes - June 2016

  • Created Maps and Charts table for the storage of all plans, drawings, charts, maps, etc.

  • Added new fields - Occupation on Person table, Date of Entry on School Log table, being the most important.

  • Sitewide Search functionality implemented. Provides ability to search through ALL tables at once - Persons, School Log, Valuation Rolls, etc. - then link to the appropriate record.

  • Gravestone Index - Gordon has completed the gravestone index. All records now have a corresponding photograph. The next task is to verify the transcriptions match the stones. The original transcription file has some typographical errors which have transferred into ADA.

 Site Changes - May 2016

  • 'Offline' flag can be set on records via the 'Follow-Up' field. Doing so indicates that the subject/content of the ADA Content Item is not suitable for full inclusion in our database. This may be because of Copyright or other legal concerns, or because the Content Item relates to a physical object in the possession of the Abernyte Community, or that there is simply too much data relating to the Content Item to store in ADA. 

  • The Contact Form is currently being adapted to allow the submission of requests to view such 'Offline' content. There will shortly be a drop-down field to pick an instance of an Offline Content Item.

  • Administration - A simple Content Management System is currently being integrated into the site to allow editing our 'static' content pages. 

  • Images of all Gravestones have begun to be added to the records of the Gravestone index to compliment the transcriptions.

  • Recently the data entry of all Valuation and Land Tax Rolls records was completed - over 1000 records! Scanned images of the original ledgers are available in the Content Items section, but with the completion of our dedicated Valuation and Land Tax Roll section we now have a fully searchable system, tied in to our Persons table to provide further insights.

  • HTTPS (SSL) enforced on all pages of the Archive and on login. Rochen secure certificate installed. 

  Site Changes - June 2017

  • Content Items - Hundreds of new Content Items have been added in the last few months.

  • Baptismal Register - Volunteers have completed the transcription ofthe Baptismal Register of the Parish. Users can now search for baptism records from 1858 to 2015.
  • A new ADA version is in the planning phase, which will include many new features and ways to interact with the data. We're also in the early design stages of a new front-end User Interface, to provide a much more user-friendly user experience.