Help - How do I use the Abernyte Digital Archive?

Should I be signed in?

Probably not!

Sign in bar

When you access ADA you will see Sign in options in the header bar. It is not required to sign in to ADA to access nearly all of the content. Some items are restricted at present, but only a few and they refer you to the Contact page to request access. People who are inputting the data into the Archive do need to sign in.

When signing in, the data inputters will be met with a ReCaptcha challenge.

Google captcha

The test will be something like this.  Just click on the squares that answer the condition and click Verify.

You can now sign in, if you have a valid account.

Person Searches

For this tutorial we are going to start with a simple person search. This is possibly the best route into the database as most, but not all, information links around the individual.

We start by clicking the Full Search option at the top of the screen.

full search

Now we can enter a search term in the search box.  Here we are going to search for "Playfair"

search box

Our search has returned a list of possibles.  If there was no result found the page would stay white. Here we will click on "Mr James Playfair"

person result

This displays his person entry in the database. If we scroll to the foot of that page we can now click on the other sections of the database to see what other information is held on him.  Here we have selected the Valuation Rolls and it displays a list of the entries of places and dates where he appears in the Rolls.

linked data found

Happy searching!