About Us

About the Abernyte Digital Archive ( ADA )


What is Abernyte and what is ADA?

Abernyte is a small parish situated in the Sidlaw hills between the Cities of Perth and Dundee, on Scotland's east coast. 

The Abernyte Digital Archive is a repository of files - the originals collected over the past 20 years by Abernyte residents - digitised and uploaded to a central location and accessible by all. Many of the original files are stored in personal collections, or have been transferred to the archives of Perth and Kinross Council. 

Who created ADA and who maintains it? 

ADA was created by Abernyte native and former resident Alasdair Nicoll. His father, Gordon, webmaster of the main www.abernyte.org Community Website, oversees the ongoing maintenance and transcription of documents into ADA. A number of Community Volunteers assisted with the transcription of documents into the system and maintaining the accuracy and overall data quality. We are also on hand to answer emails about the system and provide assistance to researchers interested in our records.