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142 Inspection 1876 26/07/1876 253 - Mr Charles George Playfair "The arithmetic throughout the school was very inaccurate and the spelling of the 3rd standard was not good. Those in the fourth, fifth and sixth standard did not know their geography and history and those in the third standard had not done their prescribed grammar. The reading and handwriting were creditable. The singing by ear is very fair and the children were under good discipline."

"My Lords have ordered a deduction of one tenth to be made from the Grant for faults of instruction (article 31). I am also to warn you that the Register must be kept strictly in accordance with the regulations laid down by their Lordships, otherwise a sever deduction may be made from the Grant under article 32(b)"

Miss Drysdale is recognized as qualified under article 32 (cl.3)

Staff: Alex. Tweedie III/1 - Master
Miss Drysdale - Assistant

Charles Geo. Playfair (Correspondent)
Alex Walker H.M.I.S visited the school from 1870. Rather cryptic reports were put in the log book. 1873 first entry of Inspectors Report. Generally three sentences until 1876. Miss Drysdale on staff from 1870 as Sewing Mistress, in 1876 entered as "assistant".
190 Inspection 1881 04/07/1881   "The School continues to be faithfully taught and makes a high appearance in elementary work. Miss Walker teacher the younger scholars well and has her sewing department in excellent order"

Same staff as last year. School closed 1 week later (25th August and reopened 2nd November).

180 Weather 1881 10/01/1881   10th - 31st January - Weather very severe
188 Attendance 1881 11/04/1881   11th - 16th April - School open 6 days this week.
182 Weather 1881 14/02/1881   14th - 18th February - Very bad weather - severe snow storms.
186 Weather 1881 14/03/1881   14th - 18th March - Better attendance - visit by Mr Menzies and Mr Wilson.
193 Attendance 1881 14/11/1881   14th - 18th November - A few more this week.
70 Attendance 1869 29/11/1869   18 new scholars today.
117 Medical 1874 10/04/1874   2 cases of measles.
183 Weather 1881 21/02/1881   21st - 25th February - Those present working well, but work still much interrupted by long continued snowstorms.
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