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Person who isn't relevant to add to our Persons table, but is still connected to the Parish, or a Group of people. Specify names here.
Back Row - Mrs Rennie, David Orrock, Alison Pruis, Iain Scougall, Sarah Alm, Dorothy Scougall, Rachel Sinclair, Gordon Carr, June Wishart, John Henderson, Mrs Davies.
Middle Row - Richard Soutar, Alan Wilkie, Billy Rennie, Ernest Henderson, Alan Stewart, Susan Scougall, Melissa Alm, Arlene Stewart, Stephen Redford, Bryce Redford, Scott Wilkie, Derek Miller, 
Front Row - Deborah Soutar, Audrey Stewart, Gillian Hay, Jacqueline Orrock, Jenny Henderson, Alison Stewart, Laura Alm, Ruth Nicol, Kathleen Scougall, Jennifer Ramsay, Nicola Redford, Pamela Redford, Alison duncan, Joy Scougall, Arlene Ramsay.
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