Parochial Board Detail

The meeting appointed the Rt Hon Lord Kinnaird as Chairman, and James Playfair Esq. Vice Chairman for the ensuing year.
The Poor's Roll was examined and the monthly allowance of the following Paupers continued as follow:
James Peebles 10/ monthly
Mary Crerar 10/ monthly
Widow Whittet 8/ monthly
The meeting having  examined the inspectors accounts for the last half year find the same correctly stated and vouched, and that the balance due by him is £10-8-7-3/4 which he was instructed to carry forward in next account.
And the meeting having considered what was required for the poor for the next half year heard the Inspector find that the forsaid balance in the Inspector's hands will be sufficient for the purpose.
James Playfair Ch
Thomas MacDonald Clk.