Parochial Board Detail

The minutes of last meeting were read and approved of.

The Poor Roll was examined and the monthly allowances of the following payments continued as formerly.

James Peebles - 10/- monthly.
Mary Cerar - 10/- "
Widow Whittet - 8/- "

The inspector laid before the meeting the correspondence he had had with the Parishes of Mains and Ruthven regarding the case of Anne Robertson who had given birth to an illegitimate child in this Parish for which the Parochial Board here are at present paying the necessary interim expenses. As it appeared from the statement of the said Ann Robertson that Ruthven is the Parish of her birth, and as it has been found that she had not acquired residence in any other Parish, the meeting authorised the Inspector to send to the Parochial Board of Ruthven so much of their minutes as referred to the case and request repayment of the sums advanced, failing repayment to take legal steps to recover the same.

The Collector laid before the meeting a Statement of his Income expenditure since last meeting from which it appeared a balance was due to him of Five Pounds two shillings and seven pence half-penny, in which he was instructed to charge against next account.

The Inspector submitted a note of the Parochial expenses for the Poor and other liabilities of the Heritors for the next six months from which is appeared that a sum of Thirty Pounds would be required. The meeting assess the Heritors for the above sum and authorise their Clerk to collect the same.

Signed, Jas. Playfair, Chairman.