Parochial Board Detail

In the absence of Lord Kinnaird Mr Brown as praesis.
The Right Hon Lord Kinnaird was appointed as Chairman for the next year.
The minute of the last meeting being read and approved of the Inspector produced his accounts which were examined and found correct. leaving in hand a balance of Six Pounds 16/3.  It was found that about £18 in addition to Church collections might be required to meet the expenses of the next 6 months and the meeting hereby assess the Heritors in the sum of Eighteen Pounds to meet these demands, and authorise Mr Tweedie to collect the same on the value rental as before with 5 percent for collecting.
Mr Tweedie, Inspector of Poor, laid before the meeting a printed circulation from the Board of Supervision Edinburgh dated 20th March 1857 calling the attention of the board to sections 4 and 5 of the Nuisance Removal (Scotland) Act 1856.  The meeting appointed Mr Brown of Lochton to receive and acknowledge such communications as the board of Supervision may have to make to the local Authorities respecting the provision of said Act.  Mr Tweedie also laid before the meeting a letter dated 8th June 1857 from the Board of Supervision  regarding the administration of the Poop Law in this parish.  The meeting instructed Mr Tweedie to write Mr Walker the Secretary of the Board of Supervision stating that under the peculiar circumstances of this Parish, there being only three paupers on the whole, it is unnecessary to incur the expense of new books at present.