Parochial Board Detail

In the absence of the Right Honourable Lord Kinnaird, Christopher Hobson was appointed Chairman.
The Inspector laid before the meeting the Roll of Paupers with a sate of the expenditure for the last half year from which it appeared that there was a balance due to the Treasurer of £5.11.4.
The following is the state of the Poors' Roll showing the monthly allowances to each which was ordered to be continued.
James Peebles  10/-
Mary Crerar 10/-
Mrs Whittet 8/-
The meeting considering that the Inspector had in his hands the sum of Ten Pounds and 4d on account of the Heritors do not deem it necessary to order a new assessment but authorise him to pay the current expenses of the Poor out of the above funds.
The meeting then appointed the Right Honourable Lord Kinnaird Chairman for the current year.