OS 1861 Map

ADA Map Viewer

How do I use the ADA Map Viewer?

Selecting one of the tabs, above, will launch the Viewer for the chosen map. Using the mouse, you can zoom in and out (left-click or use your scroll-wheel) and pan (click and drag the image). The map controls at the top left of the Viewer allow Zooming in and out, returning to the Default View (the Home icon) and expanding the Viewer to Full-Screen Mode. Full screen mode can be exited by pressing Escape on your keyboard, or clicking the Full-Screen Mode button again. While in Full-Screen Mode, the mouse panning and zooming functionality remains the same.

Zoom In Icon Zoom In
Zoom Out Icon Zoom Out
Default Zoom Return to Default Zoom Level
Full Screen Mode Enter (or Exit) Full Screen Mode
Previous Sheet View Previous Sheet (if applicable)
Next Sheet View Next Sheet (if applicable)

You can also use the following Keyboard commands to navigate:

[ up arrow ] - move viewport up
[ down arrow ] - move viewport down
[ left arrow ] - move viewport left
[ right arrow ] - move viewport right
[ 0 ] - Return to Default view
[ shift+up arrow ] - zoom Viewer out
[ shift+down arrow ] - zoom Viewer in
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