Collection Title Forename Surname Date of Birth Date of Death Deceased? Occupation Notes Image
  Mrs Donald M'Gibbon   13/06/1938 Y  
  Mr W. B. Dickie     Y Solicitor
  Mr Andrew Gray     Y  
  Mr Walter Boyd     Y  
  Mr Patrick Boyd         Of Pitkindie
  Mr David Malcolm         Convicted poacher.
  Lord David Fotheringham   00/00/1695 Y   Married to Elizabeth Gray, Lady Baledgarno
The owner of property in the Parish Of Abernyte and responsible for the list of those liable to pay Hearth Tax in 1691
  Mrs Kitty (Katherine) Campbell Vogelsanger   15/03/1900 Y   Local amateur historian, author of pamphlet "Olden Days in Abernyte". Married to Walter Vogelsanger.
  Dr. Mary Young     Y  
  Lord Charles Ponsonby   24/08/1896 Y   Charles Frederick Ashley Cooper Ponsonby, 2nd Baron de Mauley of Canford.
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