Collection Group Title Description Contributor
4 - Local Persons and Families Trotter Family of Ballindean Records relating to the Trotter family of Ballindean. Various
4 - Local Persons and Families Simpson Family of Glenbraan A number of files relating to the Simpson family, at one time resident at Glenbran (then known as Glenbraan). B. Finlayson, descendant of the Simpson family, Canada
4 - Local Persons and Families Rev. William Ross, Central African Missionary Records relating to the Reverend William Ross, missionary and colleague of Dr. Livingstone, late of Abernyte. Alasdair Nicoll
  Pitmiddle Village Collection A collection of documents and images relating to the village of Pitmiddle and its inhabitants.  
  Physical Books in the possession of Community Members A collection of old, physical books, owned by members of the Abernyte Community, but not digitized into the ADA system. Various
4 - Local Persons and Families Miller Family Records relating to the Miller Family, sometime landowners in Yamhill County, Oregon, USA and afterwards tenants of Abernyte House.  
  Lochton Estate Items from the collection of Andrew Tosh regarding Lochton Estate circa 1913 Andrew Tosh
4 - Local Persons and Families Kinnaird Family of Rossie Priory
4 - Local Persons and Families Gordon Dickie - Whitehills Collection A series of photographs of Whitehills and W.B. Dickie and family. Gordon Dickie, Moniaive, Dumfriesshire
1 - Abernyte Soldiers Donald Cameron - Tel-el-Kebir Collection Records relating to Donald Cameron, son of James Cameron, farm labourer in Abernyte. According to contemporary accounts, Donald was the first British soldier to gain the Egyptian trenches at the Battle of Tel-el-Kebir, and the second man to die.  
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